Capri’s House Made Wedding Soup

Quart | Petite Meatballs + Chicken Broth
Carrots + Celery + Escarole
Ditalini Pasta     7/9

chef inspired potato gnocchi with
local in-season ingredients

fried crab cakes + meyer lemon aioli

tomatoes + fresh whole basil + EVOO
sea salt + balsamic reduction GF

prosciutto di parma + copa + sopressata
gorgonzola + aged pecorino + fresh
mozzarella + onion & fig marmalade
pepperoncini + marinated olives
Serves 2.  GF

roulades of eggplant stuffed with herb
ricotta + house made red sauce

buffalo, barbeque OR garlic parmesan

traditional red sauce or classic white wine
butter + garlic + crostini  GF

prosciutto + banana peppers
parmesan cheese
For extra spicy, ask for fresh jalapenos. GF

10oz mamma mia sized beef & pork
meatball + zesty tomato sauce
mozzarella & parmesan

Capri Seaside Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria


3 Central Avenue
Salisbury, MA 01952